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DMD Series Desiccant Modular Dryers

The Sullair desiccant regenerative dryer family is ideal for outdoor piping and operations that require an extremely low dew point to -40°F (-40°C) (-4°F [-20°C] or -100°F [-73°F] optional). By combining the proven benefits of desiccant drying with the most advanced designs, Sullair offers a reliable system to clean and compressed air for the most critical applications.

Desiccant dryers adsorb moisture from the compressed air as the air passes through the desiccant. The dual tower design allows for continuous adsorption of moisture by alternating the adsorbing and regenerating towers.

The Sullair DMD series of lightweight, modular desiccant dryers offer unsurpassed installation flexibility, allowing them to better meet your specific requirements.

Models vary by region. Please contact your Sullair sales representative for more details.

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Sullair DMD20 desiccant modular dryer


3 – 240 cfm
.08 – 6.8 m³/min

  • 3 to 240 acfm (.08 to 6.80 m³/min)
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 230 psig (16.0 bar)
  • Maximum inlet temperature: 150°F (66°C)
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 122°F (50°C)

  • Completely automatic
  • Compact design
  • -40°F (-40°C) pressure dew point
  • Adjustable wall mounted
  • Quick and easy connection
  • Long lasting high quality components

  • Pre- and after-filter (shipped loose)
  • Mounted filters with three valve bypass
  • Visual Moisture Indicator
  • Energy efficient Demand Cycle Control with dew point monitor
  • Dew point monitor
  • -4°F (-20°C) or -100°F (-73°C) pressure dew point